Heart Centre Munich - Cardiology Outpatients

8000 patients of all nationalities present to the Outpatients Department of the Department of Cardiovascular Diseases of the German Heart Centre Munich annually. The team responsible for attending to you in the cardiology outpatients clinic and functional laboratories comprises two senior physicians, ten interns and fifteen nurses and medical technicians. The Cardiology Outpatients is located on the ground floor of the German Heart Centre. It is open from 8am until 4.30pm in the afternoon. You should allow for at least three hours for an outpatient appointment.

In addition to a general cardiology outpatients department, we also have special clinics for patients with arrhythmias (including patients with pacemakers and defibrillators) and for patients awaiting a transplantation or for those who have already undergone a transplantation.

An appointment for an outpatient examination can be made by telephoning the following numbers+49 (0) 89 1218-4005 (cardiology outpatients, transplantation outpatients) or+49 (0) 89 1218-2020 (outpatients clinic for rhythm patients).

The rooms for functional diagnostics, in which all the usual non-invasive examination procedures are conducted, are located in the vicinity of Cardiology Outpatients. The procedures include the following:

12 lead resting ECG
carotid pressure ECG
stress ECG
tilting table examination
24-hour ECG including event recorder
24-hour blood pressure measurements
control of pacemaker function
control of defibrillator function
echocardiography including colour Doppler examination and tissue characterisation
transoesophageal echocardiography
ultrasound Doppler of the carotids and peripheral arteries and veins
upper abdominal sonography
thyroid sonography
lung function test including ergospirometry
X-ray diagnostics including the currently most modern computer tomography scanner
laboratory blood tests

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