CO2 Laser Tube

CO2 Laser Tube
Jinghang laser tube are superior in quality because the products have been passed 18 process rigorous testing procedures prior to shipment. With special patents and catalytic technology, our laser tube have longer life, stable output power, good beam mode and fast cutting speed. When cutting white fabric, it can not get yellow.
H Series CO2 Laser Tube is the traditional series of Shijiazhuang jinghang laser technology co., ltd. The gas of H-series tubes are filled with gas produced by domestic manufacturers. H series are obtained well reputation from the customers for its high cost performance. After the technological upgrading and innovation , the warranty of H series is extended.
H SERIES: Main Paramete
Model H600
Length 600mm 700mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm 1250mm 1450mm 1650mm 1650mm 1850mm 2050mm
Diameter 50±1mm 50±1mm 50±1mm 60±1mm 60±1mm 80±1mm 80±1mm 60±1mm 80±1mm 80±1mm 80±1mm
Wavelength 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um 10.6um
Catalyst No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Output Power  
  30W 40W 45W 50W 60W 80W 100W 80W 130W 150W 180W
Max Output Power 40W 50W 50W 80W 90W 100W 120W 130W 150W 180W 200W
Triggering  Voltage 18-23KV 26-28KV 26-29KV
Working Voltage  
Current 2-3mA
Max Working   Current 15mA 15mA 15mA 20mA 20mA 28mA 28mA 30mA 30mA 30mA 30mA
Type Of  Cooling Water-cooling 15-25℃
Instability(%) ≤1%
Spot  diameter 3±1mm 3±1mm 3±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm 4±1mm 5±1mm 7±1mm 7±1mm 7±1mm 7±1mm
10 months
Note:  We can customize products according to your requirements
Product Application:
Jinghang laser tubes have widely applications:
1 Application Machines: CO2 Laser engraving machine, laser cutting, laser marking,
2 Application materials: cutting acrylic,glass, cloth, leather, cloth, stone, wood, color board etc
3 Application Industry:Advertising decoration, gifts, paper products, bamboo products, lighting, packaging, plate-making, display cutting etc
Features and Advantages:
1. Long Life and Stable Power 
Jinghang CO2 laser tube have a serious of special patents, the discharge tube coated with catalytic technology, the life has increased; matched with the electrode treated by special process, ensure the discharge more stable. Such as the Jinghang CO2 laser tube 150 w ,it’s max output power can reach about  180 w. Other company’s CO2 laser tube merely can beyond us.
2. Fast Cutting Speed 
Jinghang laser tubes have improved the quality all the time, Jinghang CO2 laser tube’s cutting speed is apparently faster than others in the same power
3. Good Beam Mode
Jinghang Laser beam mode is good, using own patented technology to modify the beam size and quality effectively that solves the beam distortion, increase the effective power.  
4. Light Weight
To compared Jinghang CO2 laser tube with the same other general Co2 laser tube, Our Jinghang CO2 laser tube’s weight is lighter than others’. which will help enterprise to have a more diversify application on CO2 laser tube
5. Long Warranty
We provide 7*24hours 1 TO 1 after-Service, we committed that our J H LASER tubes 150w have 6 months warranty to you.
6. Competitive Price 
Jinghang CO2 laser tube have providing competitive price for all customers, we think our products will make you satisfaction. 

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