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eTower is a cross-border e-commerce logistics collaboration platform. Through integration, all labor divisions in the cross-border logistics chain can easily share data and work together efficiently and conveniently. SaaS services based on cloud computing help those logistics providers who have the heart and strength to quickly cut into the field of cross-border e-commerce, namely, connect and use, and charge on demand, so that logistics providers can focus on their areas of expertise without being bound by informatization.
eTower, subordinate to WallTech, is a cross-border e-commerce collaborative logistics platform. It enables all parties in the cross-border logistics chain to easily monitor data and work together efficiently and conveniently in an integrative way. eTower mainly serves 3PL/4PL and the cross-border e-commerce enterprises who has supply chain management needs. eTower has connected to all roles in cross-border e-commerce services, including e-commerce platforms, sellers, buyers, last- mile carriers, overseas warehouses, customs clearance and a series of other service parties. eTower helps aspiring and influential logistics providers to quickly enter the field of cross-border e-commerce. By implementing pay-as-you-rent, on-demand billing, logistics providers can focus on their own areas of expertise without information constraints.
eTower can quickly help companies reduce costs and increase efficiency without having to invest too much money at one time.