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Shijiazhuang Chongmu Fluid Machine Co., Ltd is a modern pump company specializing in production, research and development, sales and service. We have been in the centrifugal pump industry for more than 20 years. We have a modern standard pump room and a processing workshop with a variety of advanced processing equipment. The whole process from casting to assembly is one-stop closed-loop production. The team of experienced production R&D engineers is professional and efficient. Choose us, professional team, professional equipment, trustworthy.
Our company's leading products include: slurry pumps, GH gravel pumps, WN dredging pumps, ZJQ submersible slurry pumps, Fully automatic variable frequency speed regulation and constant pressure fire protection (living) water supply equipment, Non-negative pressure frequency conversion speed regulation water supply equipment, IRG, ISG, ISW, IHG, YG, PBG series pipeline pumps, GDL, DL, LG series vertical multi-stage pumps, WQ, WQD, QW, QY, QDX, QJ, QS, YW series submersible pumps,QZ, QH axial flow pump, mixed flow pump series. ZW, YW, KCB series industrial pumps.
They are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, sand pumping, rivers, medicine, food processing, sewage treatment, High-rise water supply, HVAC, Fire protection, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical industry, etc.
Our company implements assembly line assembly for product assembly. We have a fully functional electric pump testing laboratory, which provides good processing conditions and reliable testing methods for various types of electric pumps. Our company's engineering and technical personnel's style of excellence and the salesman's friendly and enthusiastic service attitude have made the products unanimously praised in the market.

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