PuSheng Steel Fencing


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PuSheng Steel Fencing is your total fencing solution provider.

Incorporated in 1993 and dedicated to our customers success, PuSheng has expertise in manufacturing steel fencing panels, gates, fence posts and fencing systems.

PuSheng services a wide range of industries including swimming pool security, decorative fencing, perimeter fencing, airport and railway security and various industrial and commercial uses.

PuSheng is an ISO certified fencing manufacturer and offers full range of steel fencing products in a variety of styles including but not limited to picket fencing, palisade fencing, chain link, welded wire fence, expanded metal fencing and woven wire fences.

Our Vision
Through teamwork and dedication, we will provide excellence in quality, service and delivery to our distributors and customers.

Important Notes:
1. We provide delivery and availability information in your quote.
2. We clearly state the make, origin, weight, and dimensions of the item(s) in your quote.
3. We include relevant details/catalogs.
4. We offer a complete and competitive commercial offer.