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Dear Sir / Madam,
Please let me introduce our company Hamme Machinery (Hamme Makina). We are one of the leading manufactures specialized in manufacturing of automatic band saw and pipe bending machines in Turkey.
Hamme Machinery, as a brand and having become one of the leading manufacturers of band saw and pipe bending machines, we are supplying our machines to more than 50 countries in different parts of the world Eastern and Central Europe, Asia, the Middle East, America, Australia and Africa and bring solutions for perfect automatic band saw and pipe bending machines through our reliability and quality in the market.
We are manufacturing and supplying band saws and pipe bending machines; and essentially with a very equitable price for our customers (companies or traders).
We are supplying, as well, the machines tailored according to the needs and requirements of our customers, with fast service, tailor-made work and a product information bank.