Guangzhou Junxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd


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Guangzhou Junxin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in chemical products research, technology development, product processing and raw material trade of science and trade enterprises. The company has independent goods and technology import and export rights, and constantly introduce more advantageous products and technology.
Currently, Junxin Chemical has been established for 16 years and has been serving customers all over the world.
JUNXIN CHEMICAL offers a wide range of surfactants for five industries including textile industry, daily chemical industry, industrial cleaning industry, coating industry and civil washing industry. We not only provide products, we can also provide some formulations and supporting services.
Our factory is located in Anhui province, the total area of the factory is 120 acres, at present our company has 80 employees, with 2 independent research and development of doctoral team, for the production of new chemical materials and chemical auxiliaries to provide a strong reliance!
JUNXIN CHEMICAL provides a complete set of product supply and supporting technical solutions for fine chemical demand, helping customers to obtain high-quality products while saving a lot of research and development time.