Comma CE Camper Trailer




FOREST WORLD SUPPLIES PTY LTD has its own camping trailer brand in Australia, named Forecast camper trailers (FCTRAILERS). As the FCTRAILERS of the Australian office of the Chinese factory, 3 factories in mainland China, R&D and design departments with about 30 designers, and 15 RV production lines are our best guarantee for quality, brand and after-sales.
Mini Caravan Camping Trailers as our flagship product are designed for nature lovers whose routes are not always tracked ahead of time, our vehicles venture with confidence where others dare not drive in city centers and in the countryside. They include the latest innovations in Eco-efficiency, ergonomics and materials for a travel experience like no other, as refreshing as a breath of fresh air! Every detail has been carefully thought out to allow you to enjoy your journey without any unnecessary confusion. This is how our small caravan tackles the impossi

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