Anfang Wire Processing Co., Ltd.




AnFang Wire has been in the building material business for over 10 years. We are professional in production and export of Steel Wire and Rebar Products used in concrete reinforcing and various constructions.

We focus on manufacturing Rebar Ties, Constructional Binding Wire, Rebar Supports, Nails, PC Wire Strands for construction industries.

Our products include Galvanised Mild Steel Binding Wire (G.I. Wire), Stainless Steel 304 Binding Wire, Looped Wire Ties, Annealed, G. I. or Coated, U Type Binding Wire, Straightened Cut Bundling Wire, M. S. Wire, Plastic Coated Iron Wire, Wire Tying Tools, Common Round Nails, Concrete Nails, Masonry Nails, PC Strand, Reinforcing Steel Bar and Rebar Supports.

We hope to establish long term business with our customers. Our strategy is to look for Importers, Agents, Wholesalers, Distributors in different regions and markets. Our export team has wide expertise and knowledge and have gained working experience with some construction and building companies in USA, Poland, Australia, Africa, Middle East and other countries.

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