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Allianz Shipping was established in Alexandria, Egypt and was licensed to carry out its activities in accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the Commercial Registration Law No. 24 of 1976, thus obtaining the company’s commercial registration and license to practice maintenance and repair of ships and all import and export

Since we established Allianz Shipping our target to be the No 1 in Egypt market
Our main business tools are market study, high level information resources and direct contact with clients.

In short, we take care of every requisite detail to facilitate the export transaction for both buyers and sellers, from the purchase of the equipment to the handling of all of the shipping arrangements to final destination .The regular exchange of information between agents and principals is very essential for taking major decisions. Therefore great importance is placed upon our efficient communication facilities.

Captain Sherif Refaat Zakaria Morsy
General Manager & ShareHolder of Allianz Shipping Agency and Trading Services

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