Meritor 4514Q 4514 4515 brake shoe OEM

Products Performance And Advantage of China brake shoe:
China brake shoes regular materials including non-asbestos, semi-metal, NAO formula, new developed have green, red, Khaki and black particle material.

4515 brake shoe
In response to customer feedback, Mazda has launched a more focused version of its car 4515e brake shoe repair kit RX-8 PZ. The four door sports coupe went on sale in the UK last July. Since July, Mazda RX-8 PZ has established a good reputation in sales and comments.

Exhaust pipes are not oem 4515e Brake Shoe repair kit just any tubes or pipes. They have been designed with precise computations and with accurate designs so as to guide these harmful gases away from the engine.

Brake shoe 4515E is lined with brake lining 4515, which fits many models of popular heavy duty truck manufactures, like Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, BPW, etc.

• Process:

Steel plate-punching-milling-welding-drilling-induction quenching-electrophoresis coating-inspection-restriking-packing.

• Weld detail:

Carbon dioxide gas arc welding to guarantee strength, no cracked or weakened welds, no distortion of the shoe webs.

• Cam and anchor detail:

Induction hardened cam and anchor for long-term durability and life. Hardness up to HRC30-40. No wear to the pin recess prevents lateral movement.

• Shoe platform detail:

No corrosion or distortion to the shoe platform provides optimum lining security and geometric operation helping reduce brake noise.

• Rivet hole detail:

No damage, elongation or ovality of the rivet hole reducing the risk of loose rivets due to bad fitting.

Product performance of China brake shoe test results as follows:

1. 100ºC-250ºC Friction efficient: 0.405-0.445, 300ºC Friction efficient : 0.382.

2. 100ºC-250ºC Wearing rate: 0.105-0.242, 300ºC Wearing rate: 0.233.

3. Density 2.24 g/cm3, Hardness : 61-66HRM.

4. Impact strength: 3.12-3.8DJ/cm2,Thermal Expansivity 0.87%.

5. Shearing strength : 22.63MPa,Compression strength: 86.51N/mm2.

6. C-1045 high strength carbon steel back plate material available.

Advantage of China brake shoe:
1. Better wear resistance effect, 5% higher coefficient than regular brake shoes.

2. Cost-effective and durable, 8% longer life than normal products.

3. Comfortable hardness, no hurting the brake drum.

4. 10-15% stronger than regular brake products.

5. Less noise and lower dust, making brake drum more cleaner and better finishing.

6. Passed bending test, less than 5% baring area on the steel back plate area.

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