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After 25 years of development, Tai Deli New Material Co., Ltd. has become the largest aerosol adhesive manufacturer in Asia. It is based in Guangdong, China, radiates the whole country, and is a private high-tech enterprise facing overseas and the world. It is also one of the few domestic enterprises with dangerous An enterprise with chemical production qualifications, the company has cooperated with more than a thousand agents at home and abroad, and has become the largest aerosol adhesive manufacturer in China and even in Asia.
With the business philosophy of "Let consumers use it with confidence, and let dealers feel at ease to sell", based on the needs of the market and customers, the company continues to develop and innovate, and is committed to solving bonding problems for all walks of life. It is the most professional adhesive gas in China. As a leading aerosol supplier, our service products involve dozens of fields such as clothing industry, wind blades, yacht manufacturing, architectural decoration, car care, household daily use, etc.
We have efficient and precise automatic production equipment, and provides OEM services and products for aerosol products Research and development services, the annual output can reach 100 million bottles, the main products are divided into according to their functions, embroidery spray glue, thermal insulation spray glue, composite material glue, multi-functional glue spray, glue remover, foam cleaner, degreasing agent powder, Release agent, etc. Therefore, the series of products have passed the ISO9001 Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau's certification record and SGS environmental protection certification.