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CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing leader with diversified technologies. CLZ Optical provides optical components to customers around the world, especially custom optical lenses and optical domes. In 2010, CLZ Optical was established in Changchun, a famous optical base in China. The founder of CLZ Optical, once worked for Qioqtiq, a prestigious optical company in Singapore. From purchasing high-quality optical materials to inspecting optical components, CLZ Optical has a complete production system and a few advanced production equipments. Our customers come from high-tech fields such as laser technology, medical imaging, meteorological survey, underwater exploration and aerospace. The quality of the optical components we produce has been recognized by our customers. We have established a long-term cooperative relationship each other.
The development process of optical domes of CLZ Optical Co., Ltd.
-In 2012, CLZ Optical manufactured the first time custom domes for Chinese customers.
-In 2013, CLZ Optical exported optical domes for the first time to Australia.
-In 2014, CLZ Optical produced high-quality fused silica optical domes for a famous Chinese meteorological manufacturer.
-In 2014, CLZ Optical exported optical domes to Europe for the first time.
-In 2015, CLZ Optical manufactured custom underwater optical domes for the first time, and exported these optical domes to American customers.
-In 2017, CLZ Optical produced optical domes for a famous Japanese weather manufacturer.
-In 2018, CLZ Optical has produced more than 30 optical domes with different specifications, with a total number of more than 15,000.
-In the same year, CLZ Optical produced high-quality optical domes with a concentricity less than 0.02mm.
-In 2020, CLZ Optical developed a silicon dome for long-wave radiation sensors.
The development of CLZ Optical Co., Ltd. has benefited from the careful quality control of employees, the introduction of optical processing and measuring equipment, and t