Jiuxu Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Jiuxu Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional food machinery manufacturers in China. At present, company mainly solves the overall solution of rice and noodle industry. The main machineries include noodle processing line, vegetable processing line, meat processing line, stuffing processing line, dumpling machine, freezing machine, packing machine, etc. The industries involved are quick-frozen rice and noodle industry, catering industry, noodle products industry and baking industry.
Main products:
Dough mixer series: Dough mixer, vacuum dough mixer, automatic dough wrapper roller.
Vegetable processing equipment: automatic washing machine, dicer, cutter, dehydrator.
Meat processing equipment: frozen meat cutter, frozen meat slicer, grinder, bowl cutter.
Stuffing processing equipment: double axis double speed stuffing mixer, hoist.
Forming machine equipment: dumpling machine, fried dumpling machine, siu-mai machine, wonton machine, bun machine, meat dicing machine, etc.
Freezing machine, packing machine and other mechanical equipment.
The product and service concept of Jiuxu Machinery Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by international users such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, America, Canada, South Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, other domestic food manufacturers and the same industry, who is praised as high-quality equipment manufacturer and respected service provider in the industry.
Company has a number of national patents, laying a solid foundation for the development of the enterprise, contributing to the rapid and healthy development of the food processing industry through modern management models and after-sales service.