Hengda Perforated Metal Factory


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Hengda perforated metal is supplied with various styles of perforating, embossing, slotting or checkered plates.

We perforate various metals also: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy. Even pvc and other materials.

We focus on the production and R&D of perforated metal products. We are a comprehensive factory integrating production, processing and wholesale distribution. Since the year 1998, we have been engaged in R&D, production of punching plate and mesh series products. After years of research and innovation, based on computer control perforation technology, we have been supplying and exporting high precision copper, steel, aluminium and stainless steel perforated metal plates.

Our factory produces metal sheets of various types of holes, such as round holes, square holes, rhombic holes, fish scale holes, rectangular holes, cross holes, octagonal holes, hexagonal holes, triangular holes, pentagonal star holes, etc. We can provide products for various specific purposes, such as speaker grille, sound insulation mesh panels, filter net, anti-skidding metal plate, decorative mesh, ventilation mesh, perforated vibration screen, noise barrier, wind-proof dust preventing net, perforated metal walkways, handrailing system, balustrade railing panels, etc. Products are widely used in chemical machinery, pharmaceutical equipment, food and beverage machinery, silencing equipment, speakers, paper making, hydraulic fittings, filter elements and other industries.

We have over tweny years of experience in punching mesh processing. Our die-making technicians can design and provide dies for a variety of aperture, perforation pattern and arrangement, to meet your different needs. At the same time, we provide quality metal products at competitive prices. We also provide customers with incoming materials processing.