Guangzhou Vcan Technology Company Limited




VCAN (Guangzhou Vcan Technology Co., Ltd), established in 2015, is an expert in mixed reality industry solutions. The technical team members are composed of the world's top algorithm scientists and engineers.
The company has obtained more than 260 valid patents and patent applications, including nearly 150 Chinese invention patents and invention patent applications (Chinese invention patent applications account for more than 70%), 31 Chinese utility model patents, and 23 Chinese appearance designs. 33 PCT international patent applications.

Based on the Our MR system, VCAN has carried out core businesses including MR hardware equipment, MR space multi-person interactive industry applications, MR customized interactive systems, MR edge rendering systems, MR live broadcast systems and other solutions, providing an ecological application for the mixed reality world. Establish and provide core virtual and real fusion capabilities. Through excellent product quality and multi-dimensional continuous innovation, it has been applied in many fields such as smart education, entertainment, exhibition halls, smart fire protection, industrial simulation, and smart medical care.

VCAN is committed to using technology to empower thousands of industries, reduce costs and increase efficiency, create value, and open up more possibilities for human-computer interaction in the era of space computing!