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Tedray Roofing Nails Co. has built a reputation as a leader in the supply of roofing nails and other iron nails in China - a reputation earned by serving our customers with an unwavering commitment to excellence in both product and service.

We offer containers of collated framing nails (both paper tape and wire collated), Roofing nails, Staples, and we also go through an abundance of loose nails – Coated Box Nails, Common, Roofing, Finishing, Duplex, and ardox. We have reliable factory that can supply quality nails in container quantities.

Our range of roofing steel nails are made to meet the most specific requirements of the industrial and commercial uses, mainly used for building and construction, carpentry, upholstery and furniture decoration.

We aim to achieve market leadership in the roofing nails and wire nails industry by providing reliable effective services through out China and the world.

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