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Herbert (Suzhou) International Trade Co., Ltd., located in the West of the Lake CBD of Suzhou Industrial Park, is a new international trade Internet Sales Service Company, which is based on the steel structure products designed by Jiangsu Andy Steel Structure Co. Ltd. The company is specialized in international trade and sales services of space frame, steel structure, curtain wall, membrane structure. The products are used in various infrastructure and housing construction industries. The company has a comprehensive R&D, design, sales, and technical engineering service team, and has obtained construction qualification certificates such as Curtain Wall Qualification Grade II certificate, Steel Structure Qualification Grade Ⅲcertificate, Safety Production License and Environmental Management System Certification, etc. At present, the company mainly promotes products and service information to overseas customers through Alibaba International Trade Station and Google Promotion Station. The representative projects we have served include: Bangladesh Glass And Aluminium Plastic Panel Curtain Wall System, Bangladesh Conference Building With Steel Structure And Aluminum Veneer, Steel Structure Korla Hangar Steel Beams, Steel Trusses, Shanghai star global port with dome skylight, Nicaragua Stadium designed with framing membrane structure. We are a global one-stop manufacturer of steel structure solutions. We can offer the service from good design to installation with good quality. Our factory’s productivity is 150 million tons per year. Our vision is that as long as there is a building, there is our business.

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