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Hengshui Aohong Technology Co.,Ltd. is a modern high-technology manufacturing enterprise specialized in production of sealing and heat insulation material with an experience of more than twenty years. We are equipped with the most advanced and complete machines and test facilities to produce high quality various kinds sealing material.

Our featured products are "Bright Pearl" brand sealing material series products, mainly sealing gasket sheet, sealing braided packing, Heat Insulation cloth, tape, rope, etc.

Main Products as follows:

1) Gasket Sheet
Asbestos sheet ,No-asbestos sheet,Non-asbestos sheet, PTFE sheet, Graphite sheet, Rubber sheet, Cork Rubber, Beater sheet, Cylinder head sheet,and so on.

2) Heat Insulation
Various yarn, Rope, Tape, Cloth, paper, board, blanket, felt with materials Dust free asbestos, Dusted Asbestos, Glass fiber, Ceramic fiber, Carbon fiber, Graphite, mineral wool, Crystal fiber..

3) Braided Packing
PTFE packing, Aramid packing, Graphite packing, Carbon fiber Packing, Synthetic fiber packing, Mineral fiber packing etc.

4) Industrial Gasket
Asbestos and non-asbestos gasket,rubber gasket,PTFE gasket,graphite gasket,Cylinder head gasket,etc.

The company has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001.

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we can offer you a widely range of sealing raw materials and products, swift computerized quotation, ample finished goods inventory, and efficient customer service. Aohong goal----Bring Chinese sealing material to the world, and introduce world’s products to China.We hope----Aohong will be found all over the world.

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