Hebei Qijie Wire Mesh MFG Co., Ltd.


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Architectural Decorative Metal Mesh, Wire Conveyor Belts,Cable Mesh Webnet-Support Customer Customization
Hebei Qijie Wire Mesh MFG Co., Ltd., also known as Anping Shenghe Metal Wire Mesh MFG Co., Ltd, was established in 1999. Situated in Anping, China, the world-renowned “home of wire mesh,” the company has emerged as a leader in the wire mesh industry, particularly in exports. Operating under a strategic “one team, two brands” approach, Qijie has a strong market presence both domestically and internationally.

Qijie offers a broad range of products, including stainless steel insect mesh, fence panels, chain link fences, gabion baskets, and a variety of woven, welded, expanded, and perforated metal wire meshes. Notably, they specialize in decorative mesh products like Cable Webnet, Weave Decorative Mesh, Expanded and Perforated Decorative Mesh, and Conveyor Mesh Belt. These products are renowned for their innovation and technical sophistication.

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