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Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, Hebei Jiushen Wire Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, where is 200km away from Shijiazhuang International Airport and Tianjin port with superior concentrated industry & convenient transportation. Having nearly 100 sets of manufacturing equipment mainly imported weaving looms, Jiushen has the leading weaving technology and equipment upgrading ability in wire mesh industry. After independent innovation & upgrading, Jiushen mesh holes are uniform with flat surface, and production efficiency is greatly improved with yearly output of 8 million ㎡. The single weaving width can reach 2.7m
Jiushen main products include stainless steel mesh, aluminum alloy mesh, epoxy coated mesh, copper mesh, low carbon steel mesh. Widely used in window screen projects, automotive manufacturing, petrochemical processing, plastic extrusion, food and beverage, pharmaceutical manufacturing etc.
With complete testing equipment and laboratories, Jiushen main products support mass standard production and private customization, as well as non-standard product research and development capabilities.
Since start of the wire weaving journey in 1998, Jiushen has been focusing on the world based in Anping, continuously researching and upgrading facilities and products. Adhere to quality-oriented, serve customer and assist customer greater achievement. Relying on the ISO9001 quality management system, Jiushen strictly implement industry standards and relevant laws and regulations. Jiushen professional technical quality team carries out standardized control of raw materials, production process and finished products to provide customized products and services for our customers, which wins stable customers and markets. 
With the continuous expansion of market share and high-quality characteristics, we are committed to build "Jiushen Wire Weaving" as a famous brand in the field of wire mesh.

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