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Hebei Hossmann Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the largest measuring tool production factory in China. Our company was founded in 2003 and has a history of measuring tool production for over 20 years. It is a leading enterprise in the same industry in this region.
Our company has excellent equipment and strong technical force. We currently produce over 200 types of measuring tools and products, with complete supporting casting and mechanical processing equipment. It mainly produces and processes large and medium-sized high-strength three-dimensional flexible welding platforms, three-dimensional flexible welding jigs and fixtures, cast iron plates, inspection and marking assembly plates, three-dimensional plates, machine tool beds, large machine tool guides, molds, bending plates, square boxes, rulers, counterweight iron, magnesium aluminum, granite and other straight measuring tools. In addition, various shaped parts can be produced according to user drawings, and high-strength castings with a single weight of up to 50 tons and a 4 X 10 meter high material HT200-HT250, as well as HT300-HT350 boxes and molds can be cast. The company has two large-scale casting workshops, four mechanical processing workshops, one chemical and physical laboratory each, and one large-scale tempering kiln. The processing equipment includes Zoje's 4-meter-10 meter CNC gantry milling machining center, Kunming Machine Tool's 3.5-meter-12-meter floor boring and milling machine, Russian 3.15-meter-14-meter gantry planer, Qiqihar's 5-meter vertical lathe, 3-meter-12 meter gantry milling machine, and other related processing equipment.
The company is a one-stop service unit from design, casting, machining, scraping and grinding, installation and testing, and after-sales service, with customers all over the country and an annual output of over ten thousand tons. Mainly serving the national shipbuilding, wind power, petroleum, automotive, large-scale CNC machinery manufacturing and relate

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