Hebei Drahtgeflecht Knitted Mesh Co., Ltd.


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For over ten years, we have been producing and exporting monofilament, multi-filament, co-knit and multi-strand knitted wire meshes, and series processed filter products. Our products are mainly used in Oil & Gas Industries; Drilling (Oil & Water well); Petrochemical & Process Industries; Shielding, Sealing of Auto Engine Exhaust System; Air Filters, Breathers and Separators; similar high temperature applications. The knitted mesh filter products work efficiently to remove the mists and liquid droplets entrained in thermal heating filtration system. Knitted wire mesh is made of different materials including aluminum, copper, monel, Teflon, plastic, stainless steel, nickel, metal alloys as well as PP, PTFE, FRP.

Supplied forms mainly are: knitted wire mesh rolls, tubes and tapes, blankets, pad demisters, mist eliminators, compressed gaskets, breathers, shieldings, washers, mufflers and other filter elements.

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