Vertical Packing Machine WEIWANG PACK(VFFS)

Automatic weighing packing machine line WW-320W/420W/520W/720W/1050W/1200W
Application: Suitable for a variety of metering equipment, packaging a variety of products; Such as: puffed food, shrimp roll, ice, frozen food, potato chips, peanuts, popcorn, corn flour, seeds, sugar and so on.
Automatic Weighing Packing Machine WEIWANG PACK

Multihead Weigher (1/2/4/10/14/16/20/24heads)

Automatical Z-type bucket elevator

Supported Platforms

Finished product conveyor

Weight inspection procedure

Metal detector

Rotary table

Automatic conveying and weighing products and forming a film sealing bag.

Automatic weighing - filling - sealing type, easy to use.
Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.
Combination scale improves packing speed and precision
Auto correcting the excursion of the film, easy to install film

PLC system, easy for parameters adjusting

Touch screen with multiple language

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