Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door System

Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door System Automatic telescopic door automatic swing door opener commercial

KA-SMART-T telescopic sliding door system for high traffic entrance door max 400KG can be 4 or 6 wings, single open or double open.It adopts high quality electronic components and hardware. Apply the Area Net-work bus techniques and the optical fiber,which can improve the the data transmit and exchange between sensor, microcontroller, and other electronic equipments.Smart program selector control

Telescopic Automatic Sliding Door System Description
Door Features,
1.Robust drive unit
With maintenance-free direct current motor, power electronic for the motor regulation, main connection with plug supply 220V/50Hz
2.Intelligent micro-processor system
With automatic self-diagnostic, self-monitoring operating sequences, low noise and optimized travelling characteristics.
3.Automatic self-learning process, test with:
Measurement of mass and friction; Preliminary adjustment of the maximum admissible speed, between 0.6m/s – 0.7m/s; Maximum static Force of 150N, in accordance with the CEN/FCOS safety regulations; photoelectric cell testing; automatic end positioning
4.Long-lasting emergency mode
Battery loading system with monitoring of the voltage: in the event of a power failure, normal operation can be maintained by the Battery(up to 30 minutes); automatic self-test of the battery condition.
5.Additional functions individually selected
By entering a code, the user can access an additional programming level which enables adjustment of special functions, e.g: EXIT locked or unlocked; Emergency opening/closing by mains power or monitored battery backup; in the event of a main failure, only opening or closing; reversing mechanism, precision or normal adjustment and many others ask for our detailed information

KAST-Automatic Door Technical Datas,
Open features Single open Double open Single open Doube open
Opening width 700 - 3000 mm 800 - 3000 mm 1000 - 3000 mm 1100 - 3000 mm
Door leaf weight 2 X 200 kg 4 X 100 kg 3 X 100 kg 6 X 80 kg
Clear height Max 3000mm
Drive size(H*D) 73 X 225 mm 73 X 265mm
Max. opening speed 0.7 m/s
Max. closing speed 0.7 m/s
Max.opening & closing force 150 N
Hold open time 1-30s
Mains voltage,frequency 230V 50Hz
Power consumption 180 W
Current consumption of external components Max 24VDC, 1000mA
Admissible temperature -20ºC to 50ºC

Sectional View,
Telescopic door track is composed of 2/3 pcs roller rails and 1pc supporting rail. This track is very strong and heavy, height is 100mm, track is divided into supporting profile, guide profile and rubber. It not only simplifies the installation and maintenance ,but also ensure operator's more smooth and quite working.

KAST main supply Automatic Door and spare parts, which include Automatic Door Operator, electric door opener system. We use materials that comply with the strict quality controls to promise door automation stable operation.

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