TCT annular cutter (non-standard)

TCT Broach Drill tct core drill
With unique geometry type and the alternating tooth design, provide clearly cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface and long tool life, highly effective for drilling, better and quicker than common drills.
Zhuotuo TCT annular cutter has the advantage of being durable and super tough, due to the fine well-distributed micro carbide structure.
Can be widely used in drilling steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, in either plate or pipe form.
Can be used on all kinds of Magnetic Drill, like nitto, hougen, jancy, alfra; as well as drilling machine and electric drill in rotary mode.
Titanium Nitride coated HSS Cutters are for 15 to 25% higher speeds, friction reduction, greater endurance, deep holes, and harder materials. The TiN coating reduces friction and operates at cooler temperatures while presenting a harder cutting edge.
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