Sugar Melting Pot

Sugar Melting Pot is used to heat and melt the sugar or syrup to liquid.

Technical Features:
●It is heated with conduction oil, which is safe and easy operation.

●Conduction Oil is heated by electric, which is evenly heated.

●The heating temperature and time can be adjustable.

●Equipped with temperature to measure the temperature; while reaching required temperature, the heater could stop automatically.

●The pot could decline, which is easy to pour out the liquid easily.

●The mixing speed is adjustable to meet different materials.

●Mixing agitator is could scrape the port completely to make all the materials to be evenly heated.

Application Scope:
Technical Parameters:

Model QL-100M QL-200M
Volume 100L 200L
Pot Diameter 700mm 800mm
Power 12kw 18kw
Dimension 1250 x 1000 x 1300mm 1350 x 1000 x 1500mm

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