Single Layer BOM Press Felts

Single Layer BOM Felt is made up of single base layer mesh fabric and fiber layer. The base layer is woven from synthetic mono-filament or multi-filament. The fiber layer consists of the various lap of fiber web and different diameters of fiber for better drainage and fiber support index. The structure is designed base on different paper machines, press types and different papers.
It has good quality properties such as less elongation, easy to wash, no-mark on paper, long-life performance and can be used in various paper machines to produce different kinds of paper.
Single-layer base fabric
The most basic design
Less elongation
Easy to clean
No-mark on the paper surface
Long-life performance
Press felts play an important role in removing moisture from the paper web after the forming section, while imparting smoothness and transporting it to the dryer section. To this end, press felts need to provide the following functions: water removal, smoothing and running. In recent years, larger and faster paper machines require press felts of higher consistency and quality.

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