Seamless Steel Gas Cylinder

Product Introduction:
Product name: seamless steel gas cylinder/industrial gas cylinder
Strictly produce in accordance with ISO989, 09-1 (TPED), UNISO9809-1, BG/T5099.1
Nominal working pressure, Bar: 150bar/200bar
Water pressure measurement, Bar: 250bar/300bar
Material: 37Mn/34CrMo4
Diameter (mm): 219mm~356mm
Water volume (L): 20L~150L
Length (mm): 710mm~1900mm
Weight (kg): 23.0KG~145.0KG
Exporting countries: China, Mexico, South America, Southeast Asia, Turkey, etc.
Use scenario: filling industrial gas, bottle group

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Anhui Green Energy Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces and sells various seamless steel cylinders and composite liner gas cylinders such as compressed natural gas cylinders for vehicles, industrial gas cylinders, and fire-fighting cylinders. The company is committed t ...