Seabird Sticker Printer china Portable Sticker Printer manufacturer Label Printer

Seabird Sticker Printer china Portable Sticker Printer manufacturer Label Printer
1. Lower Shell  2. Upper Shell  3. Keyboard Keys  4. Main Keys  5. Screen  6 Cut Buttons  7. Inner Shell  8. Paper Box
Packing List
Data line
Label box
Usage guide
2. Portable Sticker Printer parameters:
Print by: Inkless Printing (Heat Sensitive)
Resolution: 203dpi
Interface: Bluetooth BLE/SPP
Knife: Manual
Print width: 12MM
Print speed: Max. 15MM/sec
Screen size: 1.8 inch monochrome backlit liquid crystal
Number of keys: 51 full keyboard
Machine size:
Weight: 230G
Battery: 350mA
Standby time: about 3 months
Duration: Print 5 rolls of paper continuously
Charging interface: TYPE-C 5V
Label size:
Smart carton
Twenty optional patterns (late update, customized on demand)
Label length: 6m
Label width: 15mm
Label specification: 3. Anti-label (waterproof, oil-proof, and scratch-proof)
Operating Methods
1. Label tape installation
Remove rear cover, pull off-hook and remove the battery cover
Exposure of front section of label strap during installation
Turn the label tape with your finger and pull the front section back to the knife-edge position
Cover rear cover
2. Introduction to function keys
Handheld Sticker Printer Key description:
Power key: Short press the power button to turn on and long press the power
button to turn off.
Print key: Print
Direction key: Move
Symbol key: Switch symbol input
Chinese/English key: Switch input method (English, Pinyin, and Stroke)
Numeric keys: 0-9, numeric input, or Pinyin Stroke input word selection
Letter keys: A-Z, English input, Pinyin input, Stroke input
Delete key: Delete/Return
Enter key: Confirm/New Line
Space key: Input space, select corresponding candidate words and input
Chinese characters (Pinyin and Stroke input)
Shift key: Click Switch for choosing capital and small letter
Set key: References 1
Template key: Select Template Border
Bluetooth key: Enter Bluetooth mode
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