San-gobuild GOLAN TILE

San-gobuild GOLAN TILE

Effective Size:1290x380mm


Coverage Area:0.5sq.m

Tiles/Sq.m:2 pieces

Warranty:50 years
Product Description

Product Name Golan Tile
Material Galvalume steel(Aluminum Zinc plated steel sheet=PPGL), Natural stone chip, Acrylic resin glue
Color Black, Red, Blue, Green, Customized
Tile Size 1340x420mm
Effective Size 1290x370mm
Thickness 0.35mm,0.40mm,0.45mm,0.50mm,0.55mm
Weight 2.35-3.50kgs/pc
Coverage Area 0.5sq.m./pc
Tiles/Sq.m. 2pcs
Certificate SONCAP,COC,UL,ISO9001
Used Residential, Commercial construction roof

The Advantage of San-gobuild lightweight roof tiles

1.Excellent durability and waterproof

High-quality aluminum zinc plated steel sheet and natural stone chip coating with acrylic resin glue make stone coated roof tile to superior corrosion resistance and waterproof. The warranty could be last up to 50 years.

2.Lightweight and easy to install

The weight of stone coated metal roof tile is only 1/6 of the traditional tile, only 5.20-6.40kgs/sq.m.It is easy to transport, store and install.


Because it is lightweight but big size, so it usually just takes 3-5days for 2 workers to finish all the installation for a common residence and related charge of shipment and installation be reduced sharply.

4.Noise reduction and heat insulation

The stone chips could reduce the noise when raining or hailing, it also could insulate from heat when exposing to extremely UV and keep warm in Winter.
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