Rope dye cotton Gracell denim fabric custom blue Denim Fabric

Rope dye cotton Gracell denim fabric custom blue Denim Fabric company China wholesale Denim Supplier

finished fabric Description
Article Number SKBJ004-1
Composition 32%Cotton 32%Gracell 34%Polyester 2%Spandex
Color (Rope dye) Indigo + grey / Blue,green,black
Weight 12.9oz before wash
Full Width 58/59 inch (148-150cm)
Weave Dobby
Shrinkage warp 2-3% / weft 6-8%
Stretchability 45%
Warp Yarn Cotton/Gracell blended yarn dyed in indigo blue, with slub
Weft Yarn Blue/Green/Black core spun yarn with slub
Features Applied with Gracell comes with ultra soft hand feel
Comfort stretch
Crosshatch Slubs
Finished with desizing + shrunk twice
Rope dyed indigo blue
Dobby weaving
Colored weft yarn
Combed warp yarn

denim upholstery fabric Definition
Crosshatch slub: A unique type of denim that shows a square grid-like pattern in the weave. It is created by mixing uneven yarns in both the weft and warp directions.

Gracell Fiber: Gracell fiber is belong to regenerated cellulose fiber as well as modal fiber.

Combed Yarn: A yarn whose sliver is combed – uses finer fibre than carded yarns and is more regular and expensive than carded yarn.

Rope Dyeing

Rope dyeing consists of twisting the yarns into a rope that is then quickly dipped into indigo baths. It is considered the best method for dyeing denim as the short dyeing time does not allow the indigo to fully penetrate the fibers, thus creating ring-dyed yarn that fades better and faster than fully dyed yarn.

Skyline Textile Quality Control

We are strictly managing the fabric quality, every single meter is inspected before packing, as customer's satisfaction is our first priority. If needed, Four Point System is welcome to be applied on our fabric inspection.

Four Point System

Defects Size Penalty Points
Defect ≤ 3cm 1
3cm < Defect ≤ 6cm  2
6cm < Defect ≤ 9cm  3
Defect > 9cm 4
*Total defect points per 100 square yards of cloth are computed and therefore, the acceptance criteria are usually no more than 40 penalty points. Fabric rolls containing over 40 points are considered seconds.

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