Pyramid Tea Bag Machine

Pyramid Tea Bag Machine

Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine With Thread and Tag
Ultrasonic sealing & cutting technology produce neat and beautiful tea bag.

Easy to convert from pyramid tea bag to rectangular tea bag with one button quickly.

Comply the CE standard, meet the needs of customers who have the CE requirements.

Capacity up to 120 bags/min.

Various weighing system depends on different types of tea material with high accuracy.

Simple structure, easy to replace and maintain.

Automatic recognition and tracking.

Select sealing time once or twice for complete sealing.

Pyramid Tea Bag Machine HiTec Applications:
This pyramid tea bag machine is a piece of equipment designed to produce pyramid/rectangular shape tea bag with the ultrasonic cutting & sealing technology. Based on different features packing materials, it offers a various of measurements and feeding systems. It's widely used in almost all kinds of tea, such as green tea, herbal tea, tea leaves, black tea, flower tea, loose tea, as well as blending tea.

Pyramid Tea Bag Machine Features:
1. Capacity up to 48,000.00 bags/day.

2. Sanitary modular design.

3. Servo driven.

4. Optional measurements with high accuracy.

5. Comply CE standard.

​Model HiTec-LST HiTec-MST HiTec-HST
Capacity 40 bags/min 60 bags/min 80-120 bags/min
Measurement method Standard: Load cell with vibrating
Option: Linear, Volumetric cup, Auger filler
Packing material Nylon/PLA/PET/Non woven, and any material that can be sealed with ultrasonic
Film width 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm
Bag type Pyramid / Rectangular tea bag
Compressed air 280L/min. (6Bar)
Power 1 P, 220VAC,50/60Hz, 2.5KW
Weight 400kg 420kg 480kg

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