Platinized Titanium Mesh

Platinized Titanium Mesh
Titanium based platinum plated anode process, using electroplating or brush plating process,the appearance is bright silver white, with the characteristics of large anode discharge current density and long service life.
Platinized titanium anode production process:
1.Titanium-based platinum plating/Niobium-based platinum plating
The titanium/niobium-based platinum plating process deposits a layer of pure platinum on the titanium/niobium surface, the structure of the platinum coating is dense.
2.Titanium-based platinum brush plating/Niobium-based platinum brush plating
The titanium-based platinum brush coating process coats a layer of platinum-containing compound on the titanium base. After high temperature sintering, a layer of platinum-containing oxide is formed on the surface of titanium, which has a loose structure.
 Platinum plated anode is a good choice for noble metal plating anodes and other high oxygen evolution over potential environment.

General Specifications of platinum plated anode produced by DINOL:
Substrate Based material:Titanium Based material:Niobium
Shape Plate/tube/mesh/Rod/wire/according to drawings Plate/tube/mesh/Rod/wire/according to drawings
Production Process: platinum plating/platinum brush plating platinum plating/platinum brush plating
Platinum coating thickness 0.3-15μm 0.3-20μm
Working electric currrent ≤10000A/M2 ≤10000A/M2

Technology Comparison
Compared with other soluble electrodes and lead anodes, it has the following advantages:
1. Flexible, can meet a variety of needs;
2. It can produce heterogeneous anodes with complex shapes;
3. Energy saving;
4. Light weight (especially mesh anode);
5. In the case of high current density, it can also guarantee a long service life;
6. The titanium structure is firm and does not deform;
7. The substrate can be reused, saving costs;
8. The precipitation is uniform and the quality of the finished product is high.

 Platinum plated anode application:
1.Electrolysis electrode of water:HHO,Electrolytic NaCl,Electrolysis ionized water,disinfectant generator etc.
2.Electroplating auxiliary anode:Nickel/Chromium/Gold /Copper plating
3.Electrodeposition of non-ferrous metals
4.Organic electrolytic synthesis
5.Cathodic protection auxiliary anode
6.Electro-dialysis with reversal of polarity
7.Other industrial application

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