Ordinary aquaculture feed pelletizer SZLH420b2

Ordinary aquaculture feed pelletizer SZLH420b2
SZLH420 high grade ring die pellet mill is mainly used for medium sized feed mills producing kinds of granule feed which can reduce the cost. Feed making machine is suitable for chicken, duck, goose, pig, cattle, sheep, fish, shrimp, crab breeding and etc.
This Feed Pellet Mill is more suitable for granule feed production of medium-sized feed mills.
Main power  KW 90/110
Power of screw feeder KW 1.5(variable frequency)
Power of conditioner KW 5.5
Rotation speed of screw feeder rpm 12-120
Conditioner shaft rotation speed rpm 250
Ring die inner diameter  mm 420
Ring die working width  mm 120
Ring die linear velocity m/s 6.24
cattle feed machine price
Ring die material:4Cr13
Door cover of pelleting chamber:-5/SUS304
Feeding chute: -3/SUS304
Gearbox casing:HT250
Pinion shaft:20CrMnMo
Main shaft:40Cr
Empty shaft:ZG45
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