Nitrocellulose Solution

Nitrocellulose solution(H & L type) is an easy-to-use product filtered from a mixture of nitrocellulose and solvents in definite proportion. It is light yellow and in liquid form. Advantage of nitrocellulose solution is dry quickly and hardness film forming. Also, it is much safer than nitrocellulose cotton in transportation and storage.
HeShuo CELLULOSE manufactures high-solid content nitrocellulose solution with superior nitrocellulose as raw material and supported with advanced technology & equipment. Our material has the advantage of high solid content, visual transparency and absence of apparent impurities. It is able to serve as ideal raw materials for producing high-grade nitrocellulose products, and customizable according to customers’ requirements.
Item Nitrogen percentage Unit Indicator
Model Concentration Solid content
H1/2 11.5%-12.2% % 25% 24~27
H1/2 % 30% 29~32
H1/4 % 30% 29~32
H1/4 % 35% 34~37
H1/8 % 30% 29~32
H1/8 % 35% 24~37
H1/16 % 30% 29~32
H1/16 % 35% 34~38
H5 % 20% 19~22
H15 % 20% 19~22
H20 % 20% 19~22
H30 % 20% 19~22
Nitrocellulose solution can be applied in lacquers for wood, plastic, leather and self-dried volatile coating, can be mixed with alkyd, maleic resin, acrylic resin with good miscibility.

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