New Vertical cryo 4 handle Cryolipolysis Machine Manufacturer

New Vertical cryo 4 handle Cryolipolysis Machine Manufacturer Cryo Fat Freezing Machine fat freezer factory

The cryolipolysis technology is to suck specific parts of fat through the principle of negative pressure. Portable Cryo uses the triglycerides in the fat body to convert them into solids at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Through the extraction device, the portable Cryo can transfer the precise control of the freezing energy to The designated fat parts and low-temperature processed fat are transformed into urban solids after crystallization and aging, which are excreted from the body through partial death, fat-soluble metabolism, and achieve the effect of bodybuilding.

Portable Cryo Main efficacy:
1、Remove the waist, abdomen, legs, arms, back and other parts of fat;
2、Solve cellulite problems caused by cellulite and cellulite;
3、Firming tissue to prevent relaxation;
4、Promote metabolism and blood circulation;

40k Strong Sound
Strong sound wave frequencies up to 40000HZ into the human body fat can make the mutual impact effect of a strong, friction movement of adipose tissue and the tissue and the blasting effect, achieve cellulite.
Suitable for thighs & hip,abdomen & back &arms & abdomen.

Six Pole Radio Frequency
Radiofrequency in the treatment process, the polarity will continue to point the radiation electrode cycle series, forming a composite radiation pattern, resulting in more intensive distribution of RF energy, heat energy to produce subcutaneous tissue resistance movement, promote the dermis to secrete more new collagen, again supporting the skin, restore skin elasticity.
Suitable for thighs & hip,abdomen & back &arms & abdomen.

Laser Function Upgrade
Laser cooled laser using a non-invasive laser principle, to the destruction of fat and subcutaneous tissue structure, the introduction of laser light can exert dual effects, can dissolve the subcutaneous fat, heat can also stimulate the proliferation of dermal collagen and elastic fiber subcutaneous tissue, can also make the treatment area of the skin tight and elastic.

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