NetmateLite SE

Brief Introduction

NetmateLite/NetmateLite Mini Series, which will be satisfy user with a basic UPS monitoring demands. This type RichComm SNMP cards support fast installation, friendly interface visit and configuration and have been widely applied to branches UPS monitoring and control.
UPS SNMP Card RichComm Function & Feature

Support SNMP version V1.1;

Support user authority management;

Support 500 history events;

With clock function;

Embeded system, support web browser visit and configure;

Support network upgrade;

Support UPS remote control, such as UPS shutdown, self-test and reboot;

Support SNMP trap, Email alarm notifications;

Available to work with centralized software for centralized monitoring.

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RichComm System Technologies Co., Ltd


RichComm System Technologies Co., Ltd. is a UPS data center monitoring expert, since its establishment in 1999, the company has been committed to the R&D. After years of efforts and focus on development, the company has become the leading domestic data center and serve ...