Multifunctional Furnace for Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering

Multifunctional Furnace for Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering
1.The furnace body adopts the circular vacuum tank design, all of which is made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant.
2.The design of the circular vacuum furnace ensures good air tightness of the chamber and has high pressure resistance.
3.Furnace material is made of high-quality poly-crystalline alumina fiber by vacuum adsorption, saving 50% energy and has a uniform temperature field.
4.Advanced automatic control and reliable safety interlock: Adopt computer to realize automatic control of temperature and action process, PLC safety interlock. It has sound and light alarm and interlock function such as over-pressure and over-temperature.
Multifunctional Furnace for Vacuum Hot Pressing Sintering
Model VHPgr-20/20/30-1600(P2-16)
Equipment Form Horizontal
Loading method Horizontal side loading
Heating Element Graphite Plate
Max.Temperature 1600℃
Working Temperature 1500℃
Max.Power 30KW
Max.Vacuum 6.7×10-3Pa(6.7×10-5 torr)
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Temperature uniformity ±5℃
Thermocouple B-Type
Pressure Rise Rate ≤2.0Pa/h
Gases Nitrogen,Argon
Cooling Water Requirement Water pressure: 0.2~0.3MPa, water flow: 5m3/ h
Power Requirement Three-phase / 380V;
Total power: 50KVA (including vacuum furnace power, vacuum generator power, cooling water power, etc.)
Technical parameters of hot pressing sintering (the use of vacuum hot pressing)
Max.Pressure 196KN(20Ton)
Maximum Outside Diameter of Mold φ160x160mm(DxH)
Product Diameter ≤φ80mm
Diameter of metal head φ85mm
Max Displacement 100mm
Pressing Direction Single way pressurization ( bottom )
Technical parameters of vacuum sintering (the use of vacuum sintering)
Maximum Heat Area Size 200x200x300mm(WxHxL)
Effective Zone 160x160x160mm(WxHxL)
Burnt Plate Size 160x160mm(WxL)
Equipment External Dimensions 1500x2000x1500mm(WxHxL)
Equipment Weight 1.78Ton

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