MIFARE RFID card smart safe hotel door lock

MIFARE RFID card smart safe hotel door lock
MIFARE RFID card smart safe hotel door lock. Colors: gold, black, rose gold, brushed silver, Nrone, chrome silver
What is RFID resort door lock work?
RFID lock is also known as induction card lock and non-contact IC card lock. They are digital locks that use an UHF card as the key to open the lock. Uhf innovation card is the replacement of call IC card upgrade products, with advanced, practical, safe characteristics. KXGOOD manufactures door locks of guaranteed quality and are widely used in many hotels, colleges and office buildings. If you need them, please contact us.
KXGOOD Hotel door lock core functions
1. Unified management platform
2. Unlock records
3. Control the access permission
4. Limit the unlock time
5, the door is not closed alarm
6. Control lost card invalidation
7. Quick and sensitive unlock
8. Physical keys for emergency use
Application scenarios
1. The hotel
2. The hotel
3. Apartment or apartment
4. Cheap real estate
5. Rent your home
6. The dormitory

How exactly does RFID Resort door lock work?
Computer software unified management system. RFID card touch the location, the indicator light, according to the management unlock. Surprise physics must-have hole with physical key for emergency use.
Just how secure is a sensible risk-free resort lock?
The security is very reliable. Its built-in encryption chip makes it more risk-free and trustworthy. Grade C anti-theft lock core, real lock core inserted into the lock body, concealed physical opening.
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