Magnetic core drill

Magnetic core drill is also named as portable magnetic core drill, It's characterized by high efficiency, precision and convenient operation and safety, suitable for core drills, spiral drills and countersinks, which is widely used in all kinds of complicated environment of steel structure drilling, especially suitable to the shipping, building, paper making, bridge construction, mechanical equipment insallation, steel construct engineering, subway construction, large equipment maintenance and all the pipeline engineering, etc.
About Zhuotuo magnetic core drill
1. The big stroke makes it ideal for usage with core drills, augers and countersinks.
2. The magnetic base with high clamping pressure permits service vertical surfaces as well as overhead.
3. Long-life motor, with trademarked dirt defense, lengthy life span.
4. Full-wave electronic equipment, used to work at a customized speed to match the application product and speed, and also remains almost unchanged even under load.
5. Use the string cutter to rotate clockwise/counterclockwise.
6. Sturdy two-speed gearbox with oil bath lubrication for perfect rate choice.
7. The incorporated coolant container helps with interior cooling from the core drill.
8. Bright LED lights can be easily aligned in reduced light conditions.
9. The chip defense cover can be fixed without devices, safeguarding users from steel chips and tools.
10. The protection circuit just starts the motor when the magnet is turned on.
11. Overload protection: protect against the motor from overheating.
12. Reboot security: Protect against unexpected start-up after power interruption.
13. The slide rail can be locked for comfortable device modification.
14. The take care of is easy to bring as well as lift.
15. Robust cord with rubber sheath.
Depending on the arrangement, the devices and technological information of the equipment revealed might vary.
The Zhuotuo Precision Tools operation steps
1. Insert the power plug, the drill is roughly aligned to the processing position, and then the electromagnet switch is turned on, so that the electro-magnet adsorption on the surface of the iron and steel and other magnetic materials(generally plate thickness should be greater than 20mm).
2. For a magnetic seat equipped with a rotary table, loosen the handle of the turntable, move the machine frame to drive the machine frame to make the bit towel center aligned to the working position, and then screw down the handle.
3. The support screw should be adjusted o make it light to the surface of adsorption.
4. The open electric switch.
5. The grip feed handle slowly drilling operations.
Special note for three-phase magnetic base drill should pay attention to rotation of the electric drill when does not meet the requirements will wire the two wires (phase) swap, confirming the direction of rotation of the drill right. Never a wrong connection of grounding wire.
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