LN Series Three-way Globe Control Valve

LN Series Three-way Globe Control Valve
LN4133 tee junction level control valve to achieve drip sealing, leakage level VI level, ratio is typically used to regulate, through adjust the position of valve core will be two separate fluid by required from common export ratio, when the DN 80 mm, can also be used to bypass occasion. LN5134 three-way split level SUPCON control valve to achieve drip seal, leakage level grade VI, commonly used for heat exchange system of large diameter, high pressure differential bypass.
SUPCON Globe Valve for flow Control PARAMETERS
Nominal Size DN25 ~ DN300
Pressure Rating PN16/PN40; CL150(PN20), CL300(PN50)
Operateing Temperature -17℃~ +425℃
Characteristics Linear
Rangeability 30:1、50:1、 100:1
Seat Leakage Class ANSI B16.104: IV、V、VI
Body Material WCB/WCC/LCB/LCC;WC6/WC9;CF8/CF8M;4A/5A etc.
Trim Material 630/316/316+ST/316nitriding/316+Ni60/316+WC etc.
Seal Material PTFE+ graphite v-shaped packing, flexible graphite ring packing, graphite +PTFE braided packing etc.
We also provide O ball valve, Eccentric plug valve, Triple offset butterfly valve and soon
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