LFP71173200-280Ah Lithium Ion Battery

LFP71173200-280Ah Lithium Ion Battery Battery System Chinese Supplier chinese lithium battery manufacturer

280Ah Lithium Ion Battery is a prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery, Weight: 5.27±0.16 kg, Energy density: 170Wh/kg, Cycle life: ≥3000 times

280ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Solar Battery is prismatic lithium iron phosphate battery. LFP71173200-280Ah is the upgrade product of LFP54173200-205Ah and energy density of LFP71173200-280Ah can reach 170Wh/kg. This product has been widely applied for industrial vehicles and commercial vehicles such as buses, UPS, trucks and forklifts etcetera.

LITHIUM STORAGE can offer different terminal solution for cells with welding terminals, including screw terminals and Nut terminals. These solutions have passed the multiple inspection testing items such as drawing force, shear force and torque testing etc. and have been applied in the various electric vehicle and energy storage projects in the different countries.

Product Parameter Table
No. Item Specification Note
1 Rated Capacity 280Ah @1C
2 Nominal Voltage 3.2V
3 Actual Voltage Range 2.5-3.65V
4 Rated Discharge Current ≤280A Typical Value=140A
5 Peak Discharge Current ≤560A @60s
6 Rated Charge Current ≤280A Typical Value=140A
7 Peak Charge Current ≤560A @60s
8 Operating Temperature Charge: 0℃~55℃
Discharge: -30℃~55℃
9 Storage Temperature ﹣30℃~60℃
10 Cell Dimensions Thickness: mm
Height: 200.37±0.6mm
11 Cathode Material LFP
12 Weight 5.27±0.16 kg
13 Energy density 170Wh/kg
14 Cycle life ≥3000 times @0.5C/0.5C 100%DOD
15 Terminal Welding/Screw terminal-Nut

LITHIUM STORAGE is a lithium technology provider. LITHIUM STORAGE focuses on to deliver lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery module and lithium based battery system with BMS and control units for both electric mobility and energy storage system application, including standard products and customized products.

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