LED Poster, LED Poster Display, LED Poster Panels

LED poster
LED Poster, LED Poster Display, LED Poster Panels, LED display stand, LED Banner, Jointable LED Poster
AP Series
LED Poster
5mm(Outdoor),4mm(Indoor),2.5mm(Indoor) Available
Lower Power Consumption
The power consumption for a LED Poster is only 1/10 of the consumption in LCD panel. ( Comparable with same size)
Easy Move & Maintenance
Easy transportation and moved by using strong wheel.
Easy raplacement of Power supply and LED panels.
Smart Asynchronous control
Group Intelligent Control(GIC System).
Location Precise Advertising .
Advertising Management System 3G/4G/WIFI/USB control.
GPS real-time monitoring.
We can make customized size as per request
NSE supply the LED display: taxi top LED display, LED poster, Flexible LED display. It is a professional portable LED sign manufacturer full of experience and creativity.
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