Knitted Anti Bird Nets

Protect Your Plants - No worry about the birds destroying your plants! This helpful net protects crops, fruit trees, flower plants from bird, deer and other critters. A great substitute to chemical products, harmless for both crops and animals.

Strong Bird Netting - Made of premium HDPE net, UV-resistant, anti-aging and durable. With appropriate mesh size and weight, it won't easily crack or crush the crop.

Effective & Humane - Unlike single-filament or sharp net, the multi-filament net is thick enough to effectively keep birds out yet soft without causing serious damage to birds.

Easy to Use - We could produce different sizes to meet customers' request. It can also be trimmed to the desired size to fit your garden purpose. 4inch ties (included) securely fix the net on tree branches or fences.

Versatile Net - Ideal for raised bed netting, fruit tree netting, anti-deer netting, pond netting, etc. Recyclable and reusable, it's an all-weather & season protector with 5 years' lifespan.

Material: HDPE+UV

Mesh: 20x20mm, 25x25mm, 28x28mm,etc

Weight: 20gsm, 25gsm, 30gsm,40gsm,etc

Aviliable color: green, black, white

Aviliable wide: 5m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 16m, 20m, 40m,etc

Aviliable Length: 100m, 200m

Bird control netting can keep pest birds off your property. Whether your pest birds are woodpeckers, pigeons, ducks or a variety of other species, bird netting is a physical block that better guarantees they stay away from your property and the products, crops and other items you need to protect. Our selection of aviary netting is available in numerous grades and a variety of price points, so you can find the bird protection netting that suits your needs and budget.

Bird Control Netting Keeps Pigeons and Pest Birds Away from Buildings and Structures

Where to Use: Use bird control netting in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening, or configuration where pest birds are to be excluded, including commercial buildings, open beam structures, loading docks, façades, courtyards, bridges, balconies, storefront signs, etc.

Bird Fencing

Game bird netting is lightweight, cost effective and offers UV protection from the elements — the perfect anti-bird netting. Installation is simple and the netting will not unravel when cut. Available in both standard and heavy-duty styles.

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May you ask

Is bird netting effective?
Netting is one of the most common and utilised bird control methods. It is proven to be really effective by physically blocking pest birds from the desired areas. An issue with bird netting can occur if it is not installed properly. In this case the birds can still land on the area but then they get trapped inside.

Will bird netting keep deer out?
Plastic “bird netting” that is advertised as a bird repellent is not recommended to repel either deer or birds. Animals can become tangled in bird netting that is placed over trees and plants. It is difficult to free terrified skunks, raccoons, birds, and other wildlife that can get caught in bird netting.

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