Journal of Modern Industry and Manufacturing (JMIM, ISSN 2788-8096)

Journal of Modern Industry and Manufacturing (JMIM, ISSN 2788-8096)
Journal of Modern Industry and Manufacturing (JMIM, ISSN 2788-8096), published by the Innovation Forever Publishing Group Limited, is an open access quarterly journal striving to provide an academic exchange platform online for researchers and readers in the fields of industry and manufacturing.
JMIM’s intended readership includes industrial and manufacturing engineers, managers, plant supervisors,safety scientists and practitioners and human-computers interaction specialists who are committed to advancing industry and manufacturing development.
JMIM’s authorship is mainly engineers and researchers but is not tightly constricted as long as papers fit with our scope (research papers,topical reviews,comments and replies).
JMIM welcomes Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Research Institutions, etc. to present your authoritative, innovative and insightful works through this journal publication to advance knowledge for industry and manufacturing.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
l Work design and analysis
l Training and education
l Teamwork
l Risk assessment
l Accident analysis and investigation
l The design and implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies
l Human aspects of computer-aided design and engineering
l Labor-management relations
l Agile manufacturing
l Human factors in total quality management
l Safety and the prevention of work-related injuries
l Worker health and wellbeing
l Ergonomics of workplace
l Equipment and tool design
l Automation and robotics
l The internet of things
l Human skills development and knowledge enhancing technologies

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