JKS300B Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig
Its smaller size can be adapted to various construction sites.
Rated Drilling Depth
It is applicable to the drilling process of water wells, monitor wells and geothermal wells, etc.
Well Drilling Equipment Features
JKS300B Well Drilling Equipment is a new type of efficient and versatile hydraulic rig. It is mainly applicable to the drilling process of water wells, monitor wells, and geothermal wells.   
When drilling in the rock layer, the rig adopts DTH hammer for penetration and compressed air for cleaning, with a penetration speed being dozens of times quicker than conventional rotation rigs. 
In loose rock, the rig employs a cutting bit or cone bit and uses mud to clean the dirt, its versatility suiting for all kinds of complex geological conditions. 
Winch can lift stuff upwards of 6m, facilitating installing pipes. 
Hydraulic supporters facilitate the rig erection on site without crane. 
Smaller size makes it adaptable to various kinds of construction sites.
JK Well Drilling Equipment Parameters
Rated Drilling Depth 300m
Borehole Diameter 105-350mm
Engine Power 92kW
Maximum Lifting Force 15T
Small Winch Lifting Force 1.5T
Rotation Torque 8500N.m
Rotation Rate 0-40/80rpm
Feeding Stroke 3600mm
Lifting Speed 0-18m/min
Grade Ability 15°
Hydraulic Generator (optional) 24kW/380V
Flow of Foam Pump (optional) 20L/min
Dimension (L x W x H) 6300mm x 2000mm x 2300mm
Working Size (W x H) 3100mm x 6900mm
Weight 8.5T
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