JK730 Automatic Crawler Mounted DTH drilling machine

JK730 Automatic Crawler Mounted DTH drilling machine
JK730 automatic DTH Drilling Machine features its lower operation cost and humanized design. 
It adopts a powerful diese engine and hydraulic oil pump station assembly to generate power, allowing rigs to rotation, feeding, lifting, walking and angle positioning. 
During operation, only the percussive hammer consumes the compressed air. In contrast with conventional pneumatic drill rigs, JK730 consumes about 40% to 50% less energy (fuel or electricity), and the air displacement of matched air compressor decreases 30% to 50%.
DTH drilling machine introduction:
JK730 DTH drilling machine is the air-compressor separated hydraulic DTH drilling rig. It is equipped with automatic pipe changer for pipestorage, changing and connecting automatically, as well as hole locating devise and luxurious cabin. Safe and comfortable operation environment substantially reduces labor intensity and curtails labor numbers. In contrast to the all-in-one rigs,JK730 is featured by its convenient operation and maintenance as well as low downtime rate.
Automatic Crawler Drilling Rig Parameters:
Model JK730
Borehole diameter 90-165mm
Rod carousel Rod capacity 5+1/6+1
Rod length 3m
Rod diameter φ76mm
Auto rod-changing depth 18m/21m
Applicable rock hardness f=6-20
Working air pressure 1.2-2.4MPa
Air consumption 11-21m³/min
Feeding stroke 3850mm
Rod-changing length 3m
Max. horizontal drilling height 2970mm
Rotation rate 0-90rpm
Rotation torque 3300Nm
Travel speed 2Km/h, 3Km/h
Grade ability 20°
Power Yuchai 92kW (optional Cummins 97kW)
Dust collector (optional) Hydraulic dry dust collector
Wet dust collector
Dimension (LxWxH) 7000mm×2400mm×3350mm
Weight 9000kg
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