Jiamei Woven label

Jiamei Woven label is a made by machine and cutting. Woven label is not only used for clothing, also accessory, home textiles, home, pets supplies etc., The simplest label is only 2 colors of polyester threads.
Woven Label Features
Good color apperance and label soft hand feel.
Easy sewing, easy processing
100% polyester threads 3-4 color fastness
We produce custom woven labels, embroidery labels and other types of clothing labels. As a label manufacturer, we can provide services for preparing labels, custom label sizes, and custom label styles. You provide drawings , We produce and weave, and our labels include clothing labels such as headscarves, clothes labels, pants labels, etc.

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Jiamei Labels company, headquartered in Liuhe, Nanjing city, is one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of image and identification products for uniform, garment and apparel industries throughout China. Founded in 1998, Jiamei Labels is a family business ...