HS PA20-Ex Multi-function Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Defect Detector is a phased variety flaw detector with 32/128 discovery channels, which can fix a lot more complex phased variety discovery problems, Real-time analysis of inspection data, which is preferable for ultrasonic evaluation demands of intricate structures or products, Such as electrical blend welding PE pipe, hot thaw welding PE pipe; steel skeleton PE pipeline electric fusion welding; composite material inspection, and so on
. HD resolution, High screen proportion ( 1920 × 1200 ).
Team scanning feature, Assistance dual phased selection + TOFD scanning on the same screen.
Zhongke Product detail:
HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Flaw Detector.
HS PA20-Ex Ultrasonic Flaw Detector is a phased variety defect detector with 32/128 detection networks, which can solve more intricate phased array detection troubles, Real-time evaluation of assessment information, which is preferable for ultrasonic assessment demands of complex frameworks or materials, Such as electrical fusion welding PE pipeline, hot melt welding PE pipeline; steel skeleton PE pipeline electrical fusion welding; composite product evaluation, and so on
What is a phased selection imaging ultrasonic flaw detector?
The phased variety imaging ultrasonic imperfection detector can separately manage the excitation time of each wafer in the phased selection probe with software program, consequently controlling the angle, focus placement as well as emphasis size of the created beam of light.
TOFD defect detector, TOFD certification, thickness gauge, roughness tester, solidity tester, infrared thermometer, infrared thermal imager, and so on) tool equipment products!
Advantages of ultrasonic phased selection innovation:.
1. Real-time shade imaging, consisting of A/B/C/ D as well as S-scan, is convenient for problem analysis, and will certainly not misjudge or miss out on flaw;.
2. The phased variety innovation can realize direct scanning, sector scanning as well as dynamic depth concentrating, to make sure that it has the attributes of vast light beam as well as multi-focus at the same time, so the detection rate can be faster and more exact;.
3. The phased array has higher detection flexibility, and also can recognize functions that other conventional discovery modern technologies can not achieve, such as the detection of complex workpieces;.
4. It is simple to identify defects in various directions and different positions, with high issue discovery rate, vast discovery array, high measurable and placing precision;.
5. The scanning tool is basic, easy to operate and also preserve; it is easier to utilize, no damage to the human body, no air pollution to the setting;.
6. The test results are much less affected by human factors, and also the data is easy to shop, manage and call, as well as link to a computer system to print as well as watch. You can additionally directly connect the mouse to operate the instrument.
7. It can save a lot of prices. The multi-purpose of a probe + wedge at different angles can instantly create graphic issue reports. If there is an inner network, you can directly send out the high quality inspection record to the information facility for review.

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